This Program is designed to help you kick-start and grow your own successful Coaching Biz + awesome life!

Are you a transformational coach, looking to create your first $5K or $10K month, and make your own positive difference while you create a Prosperous Coaching business?

Right now, you might feel like getting clients is hard.

Maybe you're afraid that no one will pay for your services, so you find yourself constantly under-charging? And that gnawing anxious feeling is starting to become too familiar.

And yet you can't drop the idea of FINANCIAL FREEDOM coming from doing what you love.

And you don't have to ...

The truth is that you're probably trying to do everything you don't need to ... and Marketing your business and making those 5-figure months consistently can be done with simplicity.

Hey! I’m KUSHLA Chadwick and I'm a freedom + HAPPINESS junkie, women’s Marketing and Mindset coach, and the creator of the Confident Coach Academy.

After years of playing small, under-charging, and getting over-whelmed by strategies that just didn’t suit an intuitive,  heart-centred Mama like me …

..and having BIG financial break-throughs in my business, BUT unknowingly always pulling back out of FEAR of what it would do to my marriage, my family, my health and my personal sense of freedom …

… and keeping ‘busy’ enough that I felt like I was running a business, yet never really giving myself permission to follow ‘the call’ - I decided to STAND UP and just OWN the freedom, confidence and happiness that I had been PUSHING away.

And now, I get to play, work, laugh and cry with CHANGE-MAKERS like me. Women, who are family-centred, strong, loving, giving, vision-builders …. who want clarity and support.

I share simple paths to profit, freedom and working with your own ideal clients, that you’ll love. Why? Because I'm on a mission to help the helpers in the world - to be financially liberated! And to do it in a way that allows you to stay connected to your family and the people you love most.

Liesel Teversham - "Wow. This is my biggest month EVER and I know it's because I'm in this program with Kushla and you all"

The Confident Coach Academy is a Group Program that gives you access to all the awesome training you need to grow your business to 6-figures at your own pace PLUS 12 weeks of LIVE GROUP TRAINING!


We'll also dive deep into helping you understand who your Ideal Clients are once-and-for-all, so you can attract your own awesome community.

AND we'll help you to create your own HIGH-END Offerings, that you'll love!

And think about this ... Have you ever WANTED to ask for more money but struggled?

Or have you tried to enrol clients and Discovery Session after Discovery Session after Discovery Session, totally bombs out! It's not fun, when you DON'T REALLY KNOW how to sell in a way that feels good (and it should feel GREAT to enrol clients).

What about the HOW? Are you super dooper clear on how to get your Discovery Sessions? In the Academy I share 15 ways that you can consistently get those Discovery Sessions booked. And most of them are crazy SIMPLE to do.


because running your own prosperous Coaching Biz doesn't have to be overwhelming

... and speaking of OVERWHELM ... I'll show you how you can balance running a business and having a life outside of it, and still have plenty of time for your family, friends and YOURSELF.

And you'll learn how to TRULY BE AND FEEL CONFIDENT, as a Business Owner and Coach and in life in general.

Here's What's Inside:

6 Wealth and Confidence Producing Modules for Coaches

We build your Prosperous Coaching Business Foundations, so you can be ready to kick your money-making activities into high-gear

Here you learn who your Ideal Clients REALLY are, and how to attract them consistently! Plus you’ll learn how you can create your own High-End Offerings and two more smaller ones!

Get Your Discovery Sessions Booked

Learn 15 SIMPLE  ways to consistently get a surge of new clients and discover a Marketing plan that suits you!

Heart-Centred Selling

You'll learn the art and the structure of Heart-centred selling.  You'll learn what you need to say so you can have high conversions and how to over-come objections like a boss (without being pushy or salesy)

Master Your Mindset and Confidence

Learn true confidence and master your mindset, so you can increase your wealth and significantly impact all areas of your life

Personal and Family Success Habits

Learn personal and family success habits that show you how to balance your family with your Business. Because you can have a highly profitable business AND a happy home.

Funnels Made Easy 

Get out of overwhelm and learn a SIMPLE Step-by-Step Checklist for growing your Business and your List beyond the Academy (valued at $297)

Branding Masterclass

Learn what you need when you're ready to elevate your brand online, stand out as authority and make your Ideal Clients pay attention - all while still feeling completely authentic (valued at $497)

Apply NowThe Academy is $1250 x 4 instalments or $4,500USD pay-in-full


  • Q.Will this Program help me if I'm just beginning or new to Coaching?

    A.Yes – Absolutely! Whether you’re completely NEW to Coaching and running your business on-line or if you’ve been doing this for years … we show you exactly how you can attract and enrol more clients.

    We understand that we can all be at different levels at different times, so we’ve even divided up the content, so you know WHICH STRATEGIES are great to use at different stages of your journey …

    that way even if you’re new, you can use the simpler strategies, but still have the ability to create $5k + per month income.


  • Q.When does the LIVE training start?

    A.We kick off on Thursday, January 25th 8:30am AEDT (that’s Sydney, Australia time) and goes to Thursday, April 12th. The training is on at the same time each week.

    If you’re up the other end of the planet, then it will be Wednesday 24th – April 11th for you.

    If you can’t make it to the Live Training, don’t worry – we put the REPLAY up within 24 hours!


  • Q.Do you have a Payment Plan?

    A.Absolutely! We get that we don’t always have spare cash sitting around (that’s partly why you’re here right? So you can make more money!)

    So we have TWO Payment Plan options. There is a 4 month and 12 month option.

    4 x $1,250 per month ($5,000 total) OR

    We also offer an extended payment plan of $450 per month x 12 months ($5,400 total)

    If you decide to pay-in-full, the discounted price is $4,500.

    Think of it this way – if you’re starting out … this could mean enrolling just 1 or 2 new clients and you’ll cover the entire cost of The Academy.